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I know it’s been a while again, and I apologise for that – I have been putting my all into getting new clients and making them smash their goals. Whilst I was doing this a good friend of mine came to me and asked me if I was interested in a unique business opportunity that would fit well around my current job and also give me more time to spend with my daughter. I knew a little background about the company as I have used their products for around a year and a half. Everything I have used I have fell in love with, Each and every product is filled with our wonderful ALOE – our Aloe is herbicide and pesticide free, cold pressed and naturally stabilised with our very own formulae, plus how can you not fall in love with drinking aloe gel every single day. I love how it fits perfectly in with my brand and my current lifestyle – its in wellness, fitness and beauty which works fantastic for me being a personal trainer. Being able to concentrate on my new business in the comfort of my own home gives me the flexibly to spend more time with my 3 year old daughter.

Have you ever thought about owning your own business? Being you’re own boss? Earning extra income in your own time? Eventually leaving your full time job? Making more money in a month than you will in half a year in you’re current job once you put the effort in? If so give me an email the possibilities are endless..

Here is my shop link if you would like to have a look at some of the products

My Forever Website

Personal reccomendations

Any of the drinking gels – I like to use the freedom aloe gel because of my physical lifestyle it also takes care of joints as well as my digestive system

Argi + – L-Arginine is amino acids perfect for during or post exercise

Forever Active probiotic – Digestion and works mainly in the intestine

Bee pollen – For the energy i need as i have a busy busy lifestyle

Forever therm – Helps me burn the fat 🙂

Clean 9 – What made me fall in LOVE with forever in the first place – a 9 day cleanse getting rid of nasties and making you loose weight whilst feeling energised and absolutely amazing

Aloe vera gel – Amazing for absolutely anything skin related

Propolis cream – Great for dry skin and esp for children – a life saver

Marine mask – Making my skin glow

Avocado soap – Never had a soap that didn’t irritate my skin until now.

Sonia face cream – My face is soft and smooth

Aloe tooth gel – Fluoride free. Protecting your teeth whilst clean (dont worry it doesn’t taste of Aloe, its minty fresh)

Hand and face soap – Nice and easy, smells great and i feel really clean after using this product.

Oh gosh I realise my list is getting pretty long and your probably getting sick of me babbling on. Please get in touch if you need more info on products or this unique business opportunity – via my email earlier on in my post and i will look forward to hearing from you. I hope reading this you will be as excited as I was when I was first given all this info and set off on expanding my business and building the best future for my family 🙂

P.s I promise my goal from today is to start posting more on my blog – I’ve missed it

All my love

Alicia xxx