Coco Pro


If you’re like me and try to live a certain way – you are always on the hunt for that miracle product that you can enjoy and that is completely guilt free. I get contacted regularly by companies wanting me to review their products – i don’t just accept any product because it is free i accept the ones that fit in well with my lifestyle and products that i want to share with my clients and you guys. I am completely and utterly obsessed with anything coconut which is why i decided to work along side with Coco Pro i was over the moon when they asked if they could send me some products to review especially because the product had 20 g of protein and 0 sugar and fat. I used the drink as a protein drink after my workouts to feed my muscles and also to hydrate me after my gruelling session. I had both flavours – one being normal protein coconut water and the other having pineapple added. Ive got to say when i tried them i was just as excited as i thought i would be – they were DELISH. I have now added them into my daily routine as a change from the normal whey protein and i am feeling great 🙂



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