I’m A Personal Trainer :)

Hi Everyone,

ar fitness

I’m back and well I’ve missed posting on my blog and hearing all your comments. To say I’ve been MAD busy at the moment (well the whole summer) would be a bit of an understatement, apologies for not posting anyways.

To my excitement and I’m hoping to all of your excitement too I’m now a qualified REPS level 3 personal trainer, As some of you may know this is HUGE for me. I have such a passion for health and fitness – i just fell in love with the lifestyle change as soon as i made the decision myself, and i want to do this for all of you also. Make it your passion, get you fit, get you healthy, get you making the most of your life. I am working from the most gorgeous of gorgeousness gyms ever located in Benton, Newcastle check it out – http://www.soundmindandbody.co.uk & i am also offering you all inductory prices and bundles for the whole of november. So get in touch for prices and availability.



Lots of love

Alicia xxx



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