Striving for success.

Striving for success.

Firstly – HAPPY NEW YEAR. Sorry its a little bit late, i had a busy xmas and new year. But now all the festivities are behind us, the beer, the food, the sweets we can all concentrate on our new years resolutions. Mine is as some of you will already know is to become better than i ever was last year. This year, June 2014 is the first competition i will ever enter, and this scares me quite frankly. Last year i knew i wanted to work towards something and decided to do these particular competitions, even though i committed myself i didn’t fully be as strict as i needed to be. This is where it has to change, no change, no win, and we all want to win at what we dedicate ourself to. So I’m fully committing now from January 2014. I’ll be uploading some progress pics in the up and coming months, so watch this space.

Love Alicia xx


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