Clean eating

Clean eating

So i took both of these photos just over 2 month ago. These pictures are around 10 days apart believe it or not? The first photo i took on a monday after around a week of drinking pop, alcohol, juice and also eating ANYTHING i wanted. Obviously i work hard in the gym and i have for around 1 year now (or just under) so i have the base if i have the odd week or two off. The second picture was taken around 7-10 days after the first, for those days i ate perfectly only drank water and herbal tea and excercised 5-6 days of the week. I basically just wanted to show you the importance of a CLEAN diet. ‘Abs are revealed in the kitchen’ i 100% believe in this and these two photos show this is true. When your diet isn’t clean and you don’t drink enough water and are drinking refined sugars, your body will hold water and cause water retention and make you bloat. If i change my diet even for two days i can see the difference straight away, perhaps my body is used to the good stuff but I’m sure most of us is the same when it comes to that.

If you have any questions about clean eating or excercise , feel free to give me and email –

Hope all of you are inspired by my post, and take that step today and change your body and your life.

Alicia xx


4 thoughts on “Clean eating

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