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As you can imagine when this company got in touch with me i was  absolutely over the moon. As you can tell by the image there company is the same as there branding, basically – sleek and very modern. Not only do their products have the finest luxury packaging they also taste unreal and do EXACTLY what it says on the tin. The main thing that interested me in Protein World is that their products include the finest non-GMO quality ingredients. GMO is found in most other protein brands and is known to bloat you. So this company was absolutely PERFECT for me, especially being a woman as i find myself bloating very easily like most woman probably do. Now i absolutely could not live with out this protein shake. I used to dread having a ‘post workout shake’ but now i actually look forward to them, its like my cheat in the day cause they taste so delicious. So much that i have even decided to replace one of my meals per day with one. I eat around 5-6 meals per day and found myself sluggish and always full up. So i now have one less meal and instead, one shake which suits me so much better. I always mix my shakes with water. Some shakes can be powdery and not mix so well. Protein World isolate mixes perfectly and i have no problem downing it in a few gulps. They also fill me enough so i don’t end up snacking in-between my next meal 🙂 After receiving the product i got asked to be a brand ambassador. Obviously i jumped at the chance as i believe this company is going to be HUGE, and theres nothing better sharing something with other people that you absolutely love and believe works. So guys if you need protein definately check out protein world – Leading the protein revolution.

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twitter – @ProteinWorld 

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Enter unique code ‘ARUDGE10’ FOR 10% off your order, you will not be disappointed i can assure you. So for all the people asking what i take and what works for me this is absolutely it….

Alicia xxx


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