Progress Is Progress

Progress Is Progress

Left pic – 2010 before i had my baby, bad diet, drinking 3/4 nights a week, no exercise, having only 4 hours sleep a night, not drinking much water, living off fizzy pop, snacking on crisps and chocolate, absolutely no definition at all on my body.

Right pic – 2013, 1 1/2 years after having my baby girl, clean diet, 8 hours sleep a night, 2-4 litres of water a day, hardly drinking alcohol, exercise 5/6 days a week, snacking on fruit and seeds, definition on my stomach (arms, legs and back-even though this cannot be seen in this photo)

Thought i would put on a progress photo as i haven’t as yet. The photo on the left was exactly 3 years apart from the photo on the right. There is obvious changes in my body physically but not only have i physically changed i also feel a lot better on the inside, i sleep better, i have more energy, i never crash during the day. The key factor in this is my diet, eating clean has changed my life on a daily basis and not only this, i have the motivation to get my ass to the gym most days. I’m not to sure what my body fat was in the photo on the left but my body fat is now at 18% in 2 months or sooner i want it to be at 15%. I’m proud at how far i have come but i also know i have a long long way to go. Its not going to be easy i know this, it will probably be the most difficult thing i have ever had to do, but i KNOW it will be well worth it, not only to learn to love my own body but also how good i will feel inside.

Alicia xXx


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