The start of my journey

On Monday this week I decided to change my life, not only to build my body better but also improve on fitness and what I put into my body. I had been told by a good friend to read a book – the Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford, when I started to read this book I was engrossed straight away, because who doesn’t want the best for your family and your own body. It told me a lot, basically you are what you put into your body, it’s up to you how long you live and by what you put into your body. By what you eat and training a few times a week you can dramatically change your life span. So from now I have changed my diet, and I work out regularly. I have goals which completely changed my lifestyle. I’m on a journey eating clean and wanting to build lean muscle. The reason I did this is to compete next year in UKBFF (bikini competition) . Progress will follow through the weeks and months. Watch this space!!



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