Progress Is Progress

Progress Is Progress

Left pic – 2010 before i had my baby, bad diet, drinking 3/4 nights a week, no exercise, having only 4 hours sleep a night, not drinking much water, living off fizzy pop, snacking on crisps and chocolate, absolutely no definition at all on my body.

Right pic – 2013, 1 1/2 years after having my baby girl, clean diet, 8 hours sleep a night, 2-4 litres of water a day, hardly drinking alcohol, exercise 5/6 days a week, snacking on fruit and seeds, definition on my stomach (arms, legs and back-even though this cannot be seen in this photo)

Thought i would put on a progress photo as i haven’t as yet. The photo on the left was exactly 3 years apart from the photo on the right. There is obvious changes in my body physically but not only have i physically changed i also feel a lot better on the inside, i sleep better, i have more energy, i never crash during the day. The key factor in this is my diet, eating clean has changed my life on a daily basis and not only this, i have the motivation to get my ass to the gym most days. I’m not to sure what my body fat was in the photo on the left but my body fat is now at 18% in 2 months or sooner i want it to be at 15%. I’m proud at how far i have come but i also know i have a long long way to go. Its not going to be easy i know this, it will probably be the most difficult thing i have ever had to do, but i KNOW it will be well worth it, not only to learn to love my own body but also how good i will feel inside.

Alicia xXx


Little treats

IMG_2164 As i say i find it so hard to stay away from the ‘sweet things’ so i have been trying all sorts of new things to take the edge off my cravings (you’d think i was addicted to sugar). i found that freezing some of my favourite fruits to be quite satisfying, and yes it works for me. So if you are like me and you like something a little sweet after savoury foods try freezing some fruit and eating a few pieces after a meal, be amazed just like me. Who would choose chocolate over fruit anyway haha. I froze grapes, mango and bananas, but i guess the list is endless. If any of you try this let me know what you think 🙂 Enjoy.

Alicia xxx

The apparent do’s and dont’s

So when people are trying to clean eat and people tell you to stay away from certain foods I totally do not get this AT ALL. Of course there are obvious foods that you automatically stay away from (chips, pizza, chocolate, crisps etc) anything with loads of saturated fats and sugar. But it amazes me when people tell me to stay away from fruit, apparently it’s full of sugar, yes this is totally true but everything in fruit is all natural sugars that the body needs, all fruit also has vitamins and minerals that the body needs, so if any body tells you to stay away from something that is that good for the body they need a slap lol, I’m not stating these as facts I’m just writing what works for me, so for you it may be different or you have have different views on this matter. Every single one of us is different and has different needs so you have to find a diet that works for you, your lifestyle and what you like. I don’t think anybody should stay away from carbs or fruit or anything else that people will tell you, it’s important to listen to your body, don’t starve it. The body is a machine and food is it’s energy. If you are hungry in-between meals snack on seeds or fruit. Eating clean is a lifestyle change but totally worth it, you get one body, one life, you choose!!!

Lots of love. Alicia xx

Protein chocolate brownies

imageIf you’re anything like me you will love these. They are lovely and completely clean whilst your on a diet/clean eating. I find that when I goto the gym I always crave something sweet towards the end of the day, so these are perfect for a quick snack and thankfully they are completely nutritious.

Ingredients —
1tsp organic coconut baking powder
3tsp Agave nectar
1tsp milled chia seeds
3tsp cocoa powder
2 scoop vanilla protein powder
1tsp vanilla syrup
2 bananas
8 dates
2 egg whites
A little water

Blend together then stick in a baking tray and smooth coconut oil in the tin to avoid sticking. Cook on 180c for 25-35 mins. Spread cashew, almond or peanut butter on top. And enjoy!

The start of my journey

On Monday this week I decided to change my life, not only to build my body better but also improve on fitness and what I put into my body. I had been told by a good friend to read a book – the Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford, when I started to read this book I was engrossed straight away, because who doesn’t want the best for your family and your own body. It told me a lot, basically you are what you put into your body, it’s up to you how long you live and by what you put into your body. By what you eat and training a few times a week you can dramatically change your life span. So from now I have changed my diet, and I work out regularly. I have goals which completely changed my lifestyle. I’m on a journey eating clean and wanting to build lean muscle. The reason I did this is to compete next year in UKBFF (bikini competition) . Progress will follow through the weeks and months. Watch this space!!