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I know it’s been a while again, and I apologise for that – I have been putting my all into getting new clients and making them smash their goals. Whilst I was doing this a good friend of mine came to me and asked me if I was interested in a unique business opportunity that would fit well around my current job and also give me more time to spend with my daughter. I knew a little background about the company as I have used their products for around a year and a half. Everything I have used I have fell in love with, Each and every product is filled with our wonderful ALOE – our Aloe is herbicide and pesticide free, cold pressed and naturally stabilised with our very own formulae, plus how can you not fall in love with drinking aloe gel every single day. I love how it fits perfectly in with my brand and my current lifestyle – its in wellness, fitness and beauty which works fantastic for me being a personal trainer. Being able to concentrate on my new business in the comfort of my own home gives me the flexibly to spend more time with my 3 year old daughter.

Have you ever thought about owning your own business? Being you’re own boss? Earning extra income in your own time? Eventually leaving your full time job? Making more money in a month than you will in half a year in you’re current job once you put the effort in? If so give me an email the possibilities are endless..

Here is my shop link if you would like to have a look at some of the products

My Forever Website

Personal reccomendations

Any of the drinking gels – I like to use the freedom aloe gel because of my physical lifestyle it also takes care of joints as well as my digestive system

Argi + – L-Arginine is amino acids perfect for during or post exercise

Forever Active probiotic – Digestion and works mainly in the intestine

Bee pollen – For the energy i need as i have a busy busy lifestyle

Forever therm – Helps me burn the fat 🙂

Clean 9 – What made me fall in LOVE with forever in the first place – a 9 day cleanse getting rid of nasties and making you loose weight whilst feeling energised and absolutely amazing

Aloe vera gel – Amazing for absolutely anything skin related

Propolis cream – Great for dry skin and esp for children – a life saver

Marine mask – Making my skin glow

Avocado soap – Never had a soap that didn’t irritate my skin until now.

Sonia face cream – My face is soft and smooth

Aloe tooth gel – Fluoride free. Protecting your teeth whilst clean (dont worry it doesn’t taste of Aloe, its minty fresh)

Hand and face soap – Nice and easy, smells great and i feel really clean after using this product.

Oh gosh I realise my list is getting pretty long and your probably getting sick of me babbling on. Please get in touch if you need more info on products or this unique business opportunity – via my email earlier on in my post and i will look forward to hearing from you. I hope reading this you will be as excited as I was when I was first given all this info and set off on expanding my business and building the best future for my family 🙂

P.s I promise my goal from today is to start posting more on my blog – I’ve missed it

All my love

Alicia xxx


Coco Pro


If you’re like me and try to live a certain way – you are always on the hunt for that miracle product that you can enjoy and that is completely guilt free. I get contacted regularly by companies wanting me to review their products – i don’t just accept any product because it is free i accept the ones that fit in well with my lifestyle and products that i want to share with my clients and you guys. I am completely and utterly obsessed with anything coconut which is why i decided to work along side with Coco Pro i was over the moon when they asked if they could send me some products to review especially because the product had 20 g of protein and 0 sugar and fat. I used the drink as a protein drink after my workouts to feed my muscles and also to hydrate me after my gruelling session. I had both flavours – one being normal protein coconut water and the other having pineapple added. Ive got to say when i tried them i was just as excited as i thought i would be – they were DELISH. I have now added them into my daily routine as a change from the normal whey protein and i am feeling great 🙂


I’m A Personal Trainer :)

Hi Everyone,

ar fitness

I’m back and well I’ve missed posting on my blog and hearing all your comments. To say I’ve been MAD busy at the moment (well the whole summer) would be a bit of an understatement, apologies for not posting anyways.

To my excitement and I’m hoping to all of your excitement too I’m now a qualified REPS level 3 personal trainer, As some of you may know this is HUGE for me. I have such a passion for health and fitness – i just fell in love with the lifestyle change as soon as i made the decision myself, and i want to do this for all of you also. Make it your passion, get you fit, get you healthy, get you making the most of your life. I am working from the most gorgeous of gorgeousness gyms ever located in Benton, Newcastle check it out – & i am also offering you all inductory prices and bundles for the whole of november. So get in touch for prices and availability.

Lots of love

Alicia xxx



I haven’t posted in a while so i thought i would give you an update on my progress (or little of). I have been on a certain journey for over a year now and while I’ve had my ups, my downs and even tears i would like to inform you on my chosen path and changes I’ve made. Under a year ago i decided i wanted to enter a bikini competition, this takes ALOT of handwork and dedication i found, although i have practised both of these i decided a bikini competition was just not for me, it may be in the future but right now i want to concentrate on my career. It excites me that i have decided to become a personal trainer and life coach, i want to give people the confidence i have gained whilst i have been training and eating to be a better ME. I am still committed to my body and to be the best version of me but that is now taking a back seat to becoming a personal trainer and life coach which will give me the knowledge to help other people and also my self, the support from my family and friends has been second to none and i want to say THANK YOU to all of you that have supported me on my journey and my new path. My course is coming up and will start on the 28th of this month for 5 weeks 🙂 i will be a fully certified personal trainer in about 3 month, wish me luck and i will keep all of you informed.


Alicia xxx

Striving for success.

Striving for success.

Firstly – HAPPY NEW YEAR. Sorry its a little bit late, i had a busy xmas and new year. But now all the festivities are behind us, the beer, the food, the sweets we can all concentrate on our new years resolutions. Mine is as some of you will already know is to become better than i ever was last year. This year, June 2014 is the first competition i will ever enter, and this scares me quite frankly. Last year i knew i wanted to work towards something and decided to do these particular competitions, even though i committed myself i didn’t fully be as strict as i needed to be. This is where it has to change, no change, no win, and we all want to win at what we dedicate ourself to. So I’m fully committing now from January 2014. I’ll be uploading some progress pics in the up and coming months, so watch this space.

Love Alicia xx

Clean eating

Clean eating

So i took both of these photos just over 2 month ago. These pictures are around 10 days apart believe it or not? The first photo i took on a monday after around a week of drinking pop, alcohol, juice and also eating ANYTHING i wanted. Obviously i work hard in the gym and i have for around 1 year now (or just under) so i have the base if i have the odd week or two off. The second picture was taken around 7-10 days after the first, for those days i ate perfectly only drank water and herbal tea and excercised 5-6 days of the week. I basically just wanted to show you the importance of a CLEAN diet. ‘Abs are revealed in the kitchen’ i 100% believe in this and these two photos show this is true. When your diet isn’t clean and you don’t drink enough water and are drinking refined sugars, your body will hold water and cause water retention and make you bloat. If i change my diet even for two days i can see the difference straight away, perhaps my body is used to the good stuff but I’m sure most of us is the same when it comes to that.

If you have any questions about clean eating or excercise , feel free to give me and email –

Hope all of you are inspired by my post, and take that step today and change your body and your life.

Alicia xx

Protein world


As you can imagine when this company got in touch with me i was  absolutely over the moon. As you can tell by the image there company is the same as there branding, basically – sleek and very modern. Not only do their products have the finest luxury packaging they also taste unreal and do EXACTLY what it says on the tin. The main thing that interested me in Protein World is that their products include the finest non-GMO quality ingredients. GMO is found in most other protein brands and is known to bloat you. So this company was absolutely PERFECT for me, especially being a woman as i find myself bloating very easily like most woman probably do. Now i absolutely could not live with out this protein shake. I used to dread having a ‘post workout shake’ but now i actually look forward to them, its like my cheat in the day cause they taste so delicious. So much that i have even decided to replace one of my meals per day with one. I eat around 5-6 meals per day and found myself sluggish and always full up. So i now have one less meal and instead, one shake which suits me so much better. I always mix my shakes with water. Some shakes can be powdery and not mix so well. Protein World isolate mixes perfectly and i have no problem downing it in a few gulps. They also fill me enough so i don’t end up snacking in-between my next meal 🙂 After receiving the product i got asked to be a brand ambassador. Obviously i jumped at the chance as i believe this company is going to be HUGE, and theres nothing better sharing something with other people that you absolutely love and believe works. So guys if you need protein definately check out protein world – Leading the protein revolution.

website –

twitter – @ProteinWorld 

Instagram – @proteinworld

facebook –

Enter unique code ‘ARUDGE10’ FOR 10% off your order, you will not be disappointed i can assure you. So for all the people asking what i take and what works for me this is absolutely it….

Alicia xxx